iGoTerra integration

Finally the iGoTerra integration is finished.  I think it’ll work excellent for us. We’re already publishing this now, both for fun, but also to test the integration.
The checklist that can be seen now is our recent sitings in Stockholm, on Dec 31 the iGoTerra team will zero the list and the game is on.

Here is how it works.

  • We have an iGoTerra account assigned to the project, graciously provided free of charge by the iGoTerra team.
  • We’ll enter everything we see in their pocket app iGoTerra pocket while in the field. This is done offline with the country checklist previously downloaded in the app. This must be done with Internet access.
  • Once we have Internet access, we hit upload on our checklist.
  • Our totals will then automatically appear here live.

The link Follow our list will thus be automatically populated.

Tech details: The iGoTerra team developed a feature for us, whereby a team like ours can get access to the grand total. It’s ideal for e.g a big year. The integration at our end consists of a <div> and the inclusion of a JavaScript snippet from the iGoTerra site. Note: Some hosters do not allow the inclusion of JavaScript in hosted sites, notably wordpress.


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