Westernmost point of Kuwait, small oasis by name of Al-Abraq. Again, a classical migrant trap that we will surely visit during our April trip. For quite some time, two Hume’s Warblers have been wintering there. A good bird for us, which with some bad luck we could have missed during the year.

Hume's Warbler
Hume’s Warbler

Together with Marcus Craig, and the Belgian/Danish team we drove straight out into the dessert. Completely barren and flat. Found 4 Temminck’s Lark and 9 Greater Hoopoe Larks. Both dessert species to drool over.

The trick was to look for camel turds or general garbage, that attracts the few birds residing in the barren desert. Beautiful.

Greater Hoopoe Lark
Greater Hoopoe Lark

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