The Big Year is over. This post is our last post and it’s long overdue to write it. The net result of the Year is 761 different species which AFAWK is the new record. Hopefully we’ll see the record challenged in the upcoming years.

The last bird, number 761,  was ticked at home in Sweden, a Greater Yellow-legs.  The bird was gone for a while and rediscovered by us. It was a truly great feeling.

Update-2019: Including couch ticks, we’re now at 763

Update2-2019: Lost a few Cat-C species, and we’re now down on 759.  For example the Germans removed the Yellow-headed Amazon.

The following list is interesting, it shows the countries visited, number of ticks in that country as well as accumulated.

Kuwait Jan 1st – 12th 156/156
England Jan 14th – 19th 77/233
Sweden Jan 19th – 31st 21/254
Morocco/W. Sahara Feb 2nd – 21st 103/357
Netherlands Feb 22nd & 28th 3/360
Portugal/Spain March 1st – 3rd 15/375
Sweden March 4th – 13th 24/399
Netherland March 21st – 22nd 13/412
Israel March 23rd – 5th 75/487
Hungary April 6-7 7/493
Kuwait April 9th – 13th 20/513
Mauretania April 17th – 21st 12/525
Morocco April 23rd – 29th 7/532
Egypt May 2nd – 12th 25/557
Georgia May 16th – 19th 15/572
Turkey May 21st – 29th 22/594
Romania May 30th – 31st 2/596
Italy/France June 1st – 5th 10/606
Cyprus June 6th – 8th 2/608
Kazakhstan June 10th – 14th 7/615
Russia June 16th – 29th 26/641
Svalbard July 8th -10th 9/650
June 17th – 27th 18/668
Norway August 9th – 11th 2/670
Azores/Madeira/Portugal August 18th – 27th 27/697
UK/Ireland/Netherlands September 13th – 22nd 15/712
Azores October 4th – 20th 14/726
England/Denmark/Sweden October 24th – 27th 1/727
Norway/Iceland November 3th – 7th 4/731
Cap Verde November 16th – 21st 16/747
Portugal/Canary Islands/Sweden/
Norway/Canary Islands/
Nov 23 – Dec 5 13/760
Sweden Dec 23rd Greater Yellowlegs Sweden 761 Species

Lately we have been giving a talk at different conventions. Denmark, Holland and Finland so far.  We’re also invited to Switzerland later this year. The talk tries to focus more on birding in the WP than on our year per se.

Future ticks that we may get for free include the 4 Cat-E species we made efforts to see, Javan Myna, Pin-tailed Whydah, Scaly-breasted Munia and Blue-crowned Parakeet.

Future splits are also possible,

  • Gull split, Barabensis, Heuglini
  • Mahgreb, Seebohms Wheatear
  • Saharan/Streaked Scrub Warbler

So – thank you all for following us and making our Big Year better. We have truly enjoyed  all interactions with you all. The amount of help we have received in all countries was staggering. So – again – thanks !!! See you in the field somewhere.

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  1. Thank you for a splendid year. It has been great fun to follow and read about all your adventures. I hope to get the chance to listen to one of your presentations. Good Luck!

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