Who are we

We have birded together now for several years, we’ve done quite a few trips abroad and in Sweden over the years. Mårten Wikström, and Erik Rask met at Landsorts fågelstation when they were 15 and 13 years old. They’re now fully developed twitchers, getting fever when there is a new tick on Club 300 Bird Alarm. Claes Wikström is not a twitcher, thus this year is a different birding experience for him with all the twitching. Claes and Mårten are father and son.

At home, Erik is a musician, Mårten works with environmental assessments, mostly abroad. Claes is an Internet entrepreneur and computer programmer. Now some pics:

Claes Wikström
Claes (klacke) Wikström
Erik Rask
Erik Rask
Mårten Wikström
Mårten Wikström

Email: bigyearwp@hyber.org

This alias will reach all three of us.

Website: http://bigyearwp.hyber.org

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/bigyearwp

Our individual emails are:
Claes Wikström, klacke@hyber.org
Mårten Wikström, marten@hyber.org
Erik Rask, erik@kolonien.nu